Abundance Is An Attitude Not A Bank Account

November 22, 2018

I returned to South Africa last night, from my new home in Mauritius and went with my sons this morning to a favourite restaurant of ours for a late breakfast.

There is a street beggar who stands on the overhead bridge we cross over and this is his spot.When I lived here I would pass him often and always gave him some loose change. I didn’t do this because he is a beggar as there are thousands of beggars at most intersections in Johannesburg.

I always give him money because he is so abundant of nature and he reminds me constantly that abundance is not a bank account but a disposition and a feeling. This beggar has two stumps for legs and whether by birth or via amputation he has his thighs only and at the base of his thighs he wears two shoes pointing in the opposite direction to what would be considered normal. While that is his way of laughing at his situation, it’s his radiant smile and happy disposition that makes him so abundant. Today he was wearing a small multicoloured umbrella as a hat to protect himself from the African sun. As always he gave us a smile of happiness and joy that seems to radiate from his non-existent toes to his mouth and his eyes. He epitomises someone who has overcome a major hardship and radiates a palpable energy of gratitude for even some loose coins.

His abundance is a shining example for the rest of us to realise how grateful we should be for whatever we have as I am sure its a lot more than he has materially in his life.

He has shown me and my sons that abundance is who we are at our essence. We are a part of the Creator of universes who is unconditional Love and Light and so are we if we could only get out of our own ego-based lives and recognise this unlimited abundance as our essence.

We are Trust Fund kids but our blissful abundance comes from knowing that our Higher Power will give us what we need, not want, for the highest growth of our soul. We must trust this Higher Power now to do so in their timing and not in ours.

Knowing and applying this knowledge and wisdom can cause bliss to emerge in our lives.

The beggar on the overhead bridge starts each day believing that the part of the Creator inside each one passing him by will be felt by them and they will share a few loose coins with him now.

About Neville Berkowitz

Neville was born on 4 July 1952 and has been a successful Global Real Estate Economist; Institutional Investment Adviser; Real Estate Developer and Investor; Author; Publisher; Internet Entrepreneur; meditator; spiritually conscious being; sportsman; and, most importantly, a loving father to his two best friends - his sons, Michael and Jonathan.