Spiritual Awareness, Growth and Inner Peace

We believe that you are a spiritual being having a human experience in the body you occupy on your current visit to Earth. So the starting point for us will be in assisting you with your needs for spiritual awareness, growth and inner peace.

Spiritual Fireside Chats

Free e-book download for spiritual awareness and personal empowerment to fulfil your potential as a spiritual being and as a human being.

A dialogue between Neville and a younger person involving 127 chats covering the basics and advanced roles of spiritual self development and understanding leading one to live a life free of friction and knowing only bliss.

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How To Live in the Now

Free e-book download to achieve awareness, growth and inner peace in your life.

Neville has covered most of the major topics in your life and offers you a magical way to “see the Light and Love within you” by providing over 500 ways to be at the centre of your power- living in the Now. How to Live in the Now by Neville Berkowitz is a free e-book.

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A Spiritual Meander

Free e-book download to find spiritual solutions to life’s challenges.
Neville covers a wide variety of topics that affect most peoples’ lives and identifies how they can be elegantly resolved by using spiritual solutions.

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Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love, or Unconditional Love, is who you are at your essence.It is within you and you simply have to let it out.This book will show you how to do that and enjoy a blissful life without friction as you become Love in your every thought, word and action.Follow it’s guidelines and your life will never be the same again.

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Free access to this unusual source of wisdom, knowledge and information that has been received by Neville to share with you.
GuideSpeak.com has been accessed by over 450 000 people in the 9 years since its launch in 2005. It’s growth has come from personal referrals.

You can access to the following books on GuideSpeak.com:



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