How To Be A Great Negotiator

Any relationship you have requires verbal and non-verbal communication skills — and that needs great negotiation skills. These negotiation skills are not to teach you to be manipulative and achieve your goals but rather to be understanding and accommodative and so achieve a win-win negotiation whereby you are welcomed back time and again, while achieving even more than you initially wanted from the negotiation. This applies to your personal relationships as well as to your commercial ones.

How to be a Great Negotiator by Neville Berkowitz covers 132 attributes of a great negotiator, 26 different personality types and how to negotiate with them and how to interpret their, and your, signals from head to toe with the understanding of body language.

How to be a Great Negotiator was originally written for Jonathan, Neville’s younger son, with Neville drawing on his over 40 years’ experience as a local and global negotiator. Jonathan saw the first draft and exclaimed: “Dad, this is too good to be confined to me, let’s share it with the world”. Neville considers that to be his proudest moment. Both his sons, Michael and Jonathan, embody Neville’s philosophy of ‘Sharing of Knowledge’ in their approach to life.

How to be a Great Negotiator is available as a free e-book download in gratitude for the countless people Neville has learnt from in over 40 years of being a negotiator.

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