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Described by world famous author, Dan Millman, as a “Renaissance Man”, Neville combines his proven business skills and knowledge together with his spiritual awareness to personally empower everyone with whom he comes into contact.

Neville does not want to sell you anything, now or in the future.

He simply wants to freely share his books, websites and abilities with anyone who is interested, anyone on their own journey of personal empowerment and especially those, like himself, who want to help others on their journey.

Neville wants to share his journey and what he has learnt so far with you. He believes that we have come into this life with the intention of empowering ourselves to become the best person we can be with what life hands to us.

His constant prayer is:

God will give me what I need when I need it for the highest growth of my soul. God’s timing is always perfect, trust God now, live in the Now and be Godlike.

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The Path to Personal Empowerment

Investing in Yourself Pays the Best Returns

Personal Empowerment is the only investment in yourself that is going to determine your growth as a human being. This is not a selfish approach but rather a self-sufficient approach to life. As they say on airplanes: "First fix your mask to breathe then attend to your children or other passengers." Only when you are as good as you can be will you be of any use to another whom you might want to help in some way. The bottom line here is that only you can empower yourself to ask for, or take, any action your growth requires. It’s time to stand up and be counted as your own best friend in the journey to empower yourself. What we bring to the party of your personal empowerment is the secret of real POWER: Present Only When Ego is Removed.

We have some tools to help you empower yourself but these are only the tip of the iceberg. You must explore to find out where you must expend your energy and resources in order to maximize the return on your investment in yourself.

How To Be A Great Negotiator

Any relationship you have requires verbal and non-verbal communication skills — and that needs great negotiation skills. These negotiation skills are not to teach you to be manipulative and achieve your goals but rather to be understanding and accommodative and so achieve a win-win negotiation whereby you are welcomed back time and again, while achieving even more than you initially wanted from the negotiation.

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How to Survive and Thrive as an Entrepreneur

Neville started his entrepreneurial business in July 1977 at the tender age of 25. He managed to create a business with Global Associates in 17 countries on 5 continents. His business interests span real estate, investment advisory, publishing and Internet development: recruitment, job creation, career management services, cognitive behavioural coaching and social media content services. […]

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Physical facilities for teaching and learning personal empowerment

In time, Neville will look to freely assist those people worldwide who wish to establish facilities where they can teach personal empowerment, formally or informally, using their own developed knowledge and ways of empowerment and reach out to assist others who are also on their own journey of discovery. Upon retirement Neville will look to establish one or more […]

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How Enlightened Are You?

If you can resist complaining, If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time, If you can take criticism and blame without resentment, If you can ignore a friend’s limited education and never correct him or her, If you can resist treating a rich friend better than a […]

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Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love Spiritual Love, or Unconditional Love, is who you are at your essence.It is within you and you simply have to let it out.This book will show you how to do that and enjoy a blissful life without friction as you become Love in your every thought, word and action.Follow it’s guidelines and your […]

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Wisdom in a Nutshell

Wisdom in a Nutshell Our book 5000 Years of Wisdom is nearly 1000 pages and quite intimidating with 960 topics and some 13 500 quotations. We have identified 156 topics out of the 960 topics and written an assessment of each topic in bite size chunks.The wisdom has been distilled and in 93 pages we […]

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Unfolding Your Child

Unfolding Your Child – A Spiritual Approach to Parenting – enables parents, or parents-to-be, to follow a route that will create the most wonderful little people possible and they will grow into adults you can be justly proud of. Neville has used this spiritual approach to parenting in bringing up his two best friends, his […]

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Ego = Failure

Learning to become more egoless and humble. Flagrant ego is the root of many of man’s failures.This not only affects the ego-driven person but their immediate family suffers too as does their business and work colleagues. Ego-obsessed people are insufferable and usually abuse the power they have over others. Ego = Failure is an attempt […]

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Managing Your Stress Effectively

Stress is the cause of many diseases and areas of unhappiness in one’s life but it can be managed effectively with greater awareness and techniques shown in this free book. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that by 2020 heart disease and depression will be the first and second leading causes of disability in developed […]

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Becoming Blissful

Bliss is best described as joy on steroids! Feeling blissful is the “top of the food chain” of spirituality. This book will provide you with over 200 ways to access the pathway to becoming blissful. Download e-Book (14.2 MB)

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Listening – The Relationship Builder

People who merely hear and do not listen effectively cannot hope to have a good relationship with themselves and with others important to them in their lives. Effective listening is the foundational building block of any relationship. This free book will hopefully show you how to listen effectively and deepen all your relationships to become […]

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GAIN – God And I Now

In this book, I have focused on how to develop a personal relationship with one’s Higher Power, whatever name you give to that Higher Power. I have used God as it ties in well with the acronym I made up-GAIN- God And I Now.Such a personal relationship is experiential and each person will experience such […]

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Reducing Your Worry and Anxiety

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in four people will suffer from some form of mental health issue during their lifetime. During 2016-2019, some 20% of people in countries like the USA and the United Kingdom were being medically treated for anxiety and/or depression. Reducing Your Worry and Anxiety is a non-medical, free, […]

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The Pathless Path to Oneness

Many people are searching for a way to transcend to a level of awareness and consciousness of finding a Higher Power without rules, regulations, rituals, traditions, and superstitions based on religious beliefs and practices. The search includes seeking for their Higher Power within themselves in the terms they can understand, and, most importantly, feel, as […]

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About Neville

Neville was born on 4 July 1952 and has been a successful Global Real Estate Economist; Institutional Investment Adviser; Real Estate Developer and Investor; Author; Publisher; Internet Entrepreneur; meditator; spiritually conscious being; sportsman; and, most importantly, a loving father to his two best friends - his sons, Michael and Jonathan.

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