5000 Years of Wisdom to Guide You

More than 3000 years ago the famous Chinese book the I Ching stated: “The superior man acquaints himself with many sayings and many deeds of the past, in order to strengthen his character thereby.”

There is a fountain of wisdom and knowledge for personal empowerment to be gleaned from the quotations of the world’s finest minds that have walked this earth over the past 5000 years.

To compile 5000 Years of Wisdom Neville researched over 750 000 quotations and selected 13 500 quotations from the finest minds starting at the beginning of recorded time to the present day.

There are some 960 categories of subjects, listed alphabetically for easy reference, where the quotations are listed chronologically per subject. A compendium of the authors’ mini biographies complete this aged leather bound 984 page book. 5000 Years of Wisdom is compiled and published by the Neville Berkowitz Group .There are plans to make this book available on the Internet as a free e-book in due course.

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