Kindness Is The Recipe For A Happy And Joyous Life

August 17, 2018

The current Dalai Lama states, My religion is simple; my religion is kindness.


Some 2500 years ago Lao Tsu, the author of Tao Te Ching, stated Perfect kindness acts without thinking of kindness.


Courtesy and kindness is the key to many a locked door and yet many people insist on bashing down the door through discourtesy, inconsideration and brute force wondering why antagonism is what greets them on the other side of the door of their life and, especially in their relationships.


Showing kindness to oneself, to others and to all living creatures is the best medicine you can give yourself. The feeling you receive when you show kindness, and when you receive kindness, is the feeling that becoming blissful feels like in its embryonic stages of growth.


In educating our children the best lessons we can teach them is care, consideration and kindness to themselves and to others. Its better than them achieving a PhD!


Many of us search for wisdom and attempt to find answers to the meaning and purpose of our lives. But if we would only show kindness at every opportunity to do so, then you will have found the wisdom, meaning and purpose you seek and you will have a permanent grin of happiness, joy and even bliss on your face and within you too. 


Kindness and love are the answers to every question.

About Neville Berkowitz

Neville was born on 4 July 1952 and has been a successful Global Real Estate Economist; Institutional Investment Adviser; Real Estate Developer and Investor; Author; Publisher; Internet Entrepreneur; meditator; spiritually conscious being; sportsman; and, most importantly, a loving father to his two best friends - his sons, Michael and Jonathan.