The Only Antidote To Your Stress

December 3, 2018

The stress you currently experience comes from one place, and one place only and that is from your ego-based thoughts of fear of loss.

Your inability to overcome the stress that you are wallowing in, and which is affecting your performance as a person, is due to your fear of taking action, and, what might happen if it all goes wrong and you lose that which you fear to lose.

Your stress is based on inaction on your part to confront the issue head-on. There is usually one major issue, and probably a number of other issues, causing your stress. It could concern one or more people that you need to confront, and you are too scared to do so due to the potential fall out of the loss for you.

This fear of loss is imprisoning you. It is causing damage to your health. It is impacting upon your ability to function at a much higher level. It is affecting your much-needed sleep. It is affecting your relationships and probably your sex life too. It is affecting your happiness, joy and bliss, which are inherent in who you are as a Part of God. It is affecting your ability to be Love and to give Love as a Part of God, who is Love. It is affecting the potential of who you could be if you no longer had your stress impeding your progress.

All of these issues and more are being held hostage and imprisoned by your fear caused by your in-action to confront these issues and, hopefully, solve or resolve them.

If you want to solve and resolve these fear-based issues, you have to become PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE. Currently, you are being reactive and sweeping the issues under the carpet, hoping they will go away. All you are getting is a lumpy carpet! It’s time to roll up the carpet and get out the vacuum cleaner and clean up your life’s issues.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Let’s start with what is the worst thing that can happen if you do confront the person or people or the issue itself?

Whatever you stand to lose, at some stage in your life you did not possess it, and you lived your life without it. Sure, your life may be better off with the issue you fear losing in your life but you will survive its loss and, over time, you will adjust to living with this loss.

What is more likely to occur is that once the issues you fear losing are no longer in your life, then a vacuum is created. “Nature abhors a vacuum”, is a statement traced back to Aristotle around 350 BC, and, is scientifically proven today, with the movements of gravity and air pressure which fills the vacuum.

So, something is likely to replace that which you fear losing, be it your money, your job, your spouse/partner, your family, your home, your friend, your health and so on.
When you look back at the path of your life and the CHANGE that has occurred, see what was lost, and what was gained, soon after that.

My acronym for CHANGE is Clearing, Healing And New Gifts Emerging.

Before you take the action of confrontation with the person or persons involved, if you can accept that you will come away from the proactive discussion and lose everything you feared you would lose, then what?

At this point, I would like you to live with the possible theoretical loss for a day or two. In your mind, that which you feared losing is gone. How will you face the present moment and your future without it?

Once your mind has adjusted to living without this precious thing that you have now, theoretically, written off in your mind, let’s address the real issue behind this, and that is your EGO – Edging God Out.

Your EGO is what has created this fear in your mind. If you want to know why it has and how to overcome your ego, then please read my free book, EGO = Failure, Learning to become more egoless and humble, found on

It’s your EGO that generates this feeling of potential loss and keeps you imprisoned as a hostage to this fear of loss.

Proactively confronting the issues

By being PROACTIVE and confronting the issues of what you fear losing, you overcome your EGO’s fears, and you find that the loss may not be what you feared it would be.

In fact, you may find that whatever you did lose, you can live without. Somehow, your life feels freer now, and you feel relieved that the stress has been lifted from your aching shoulders.

By being PROACTIVE and confronting the issue of what you previously feared losing, you could find that a new and better opportunity/ies present itself in the vacuum that has been created.

If you have an “Attitude of Gratitude” and an “Attitude of Abundance”, and not one of scarcity, then this will create the opportunity/ies to materialise to fill that vacuum.

An “Attitude of Abundance” is simply believing that the “Universe is Abundant” and there is no shortage of opportunities for you to create and develop. Conversely, an “Attitude of Scarcity” believes that life is a “zero-sum game” and for you to win, someone has to lose and vice versa.

An abundant mentality is Soul/Love-based, and a scarcity mentality is ego/fear-based.

So, let’s return to your stress that you have now been PROACTIVE in facing and confronting. You have potentially been left with one of four scenarios:

1. Loss of everything you feared losing.
2. Partial loss of everything you feared losing.
3. A partial gain of new opportunities plus what you salvaged from the partial loss.
4. No loss of anything and a gain of new things in the opportunities that have been created and developed when you confronted your fear of loss.

Now the ball is in your court! You have been given the tools to confront your fears of loss and four likely scenarios that could result. You have seen the future that you feared and stared at it eyeball to eyeball and stood your ground. You have discovered something that Ralph Waldo Emerson talked about some 150 years ago:

When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers.

Let me end with these thoughts

You believe your current stressful world to be safe. By simply worrying about your stress and doing nothing to confront it proactively, you are merely sitting in a rocking chair that requires action (stress) to move it, but it makes no forward progress and simply stays where it is.

The myth of the current safety of your stressful world will sooner, rather than later, be punctured or dispelled. The person, or persons, you fear to confront are likely to take some PROACTIVE action against you. All you will be able to do at that point is to REACT, and that will catch you on your back foot, and you are likely to be easily pushed over, with your biggest fears arising in reality.

“Time and tide waiteth for no man”, is a saying that goes back to 1225 AD and has stood the test of time.

Be proactive and face your fears now and your stress will be lifted.

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