Reducing Your Worry and Anxiety

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in four people will suffer from some form of mental health issue during their lifetime. During 2016-2019, some 20% of people in countries like the USA and the United Kingdom were being medically treated for anxiety and/or depression.

Reducing Your Worry and Anxiety is a non-medical, free, self-help book written for people at the earlier stages of experiencing worry and anxiety. Hopefully, this free book will assist by moving people away from worry and anxiety and thereby avoiding depression, and some of its unfortunate consequences.

The book has three parts. Part 1 includes a 10-Step Programme to confront, and pro-actively reduce, worry and anxiety., Part 2 identifies 45 techniques, and, Part 3 shows 32 ways, to assist the reader in moving from current worry and anxiety towards mental and emotional well-being, optimism, and creating a wonderful future they deserve to experience.

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