The Purpose and Meaning of your Life in terms of your Soul Contracts

The Purpose and Meaning of your Life in terms of your Soul Contracts will give you a much better understanding of what you are doing here on earth. When you were in Spirit you chose everything you have experienced so far in this lifetime; are currently experiencing, and will be experiencing.

In Spirit, you knew that there were holes in your eternal Soul that needed repairing and you chose this lifetime to address certain of these issues.
Your Soul Contracts were made with your Soul Mates as part of your Soul Group, and their Soul Contracts were made with you. In this free book, I identify Six Soul Contract Markers for you to use to unearth the holes in your Soul that need repairing. 

I have been very vulnerable and shared with you some of my Soul Contract issues that I have identified, and am addressing, as well as some case studies of other people to assist you in seeing examples of this process.

What you are currently emotionally resisting, via your ego’s overprotection, has to be identified, confronted and converted into positive healing energy for your Soul’s eternal growth. The process is by allowing these emotional issues to surface and be dealt with correctly. Very much like a hidden physical obstruction in your body has to be identified, operated on and the offending issue removed so that your healing can take place.

I also identify 100 Archetypes for you to determine the certain archetypical roles you chose to play in terms of your soul contracts, and the counterbalancing processes you will need to address in repairing the holes in your soul.

Now you will understand what the purpose and meaning of your life are all about. Do you have the courage to read and implement these healing processes one by one?  Or are you going to wait until all these issues are heaped upon you?

Remember always that these are your choices made in Spirit to be dealt with in this lifetime by you in terms of your Soul Contracts. However, you always have free will to do whatever you want to do, as long as you know that each choice you make has causal (cause and effect) consequences, or as some people prefer to say Karmic consequences

Thank you for having the courage to visit the earth plane of existence for this lifetime with your Soul Contracts in place. Good luck with whatever choice you make!

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