Wisdom in a Nutshell

Wisdom in a Nutshell

Our book 5000 Years of Wisdom is nearly 1000 pages and quite intimidating with 960 topics and some 13 500 quotations.
We have identified 156 topics out of the 960 topics and written an assessment of each topic in bite size chunks.The wisdom has been distilled and in 93 pages we believe we can give you this wisdom in a nutshell.

Wisdom is beyond information, knowledge, and intelligence it is …, well let’s share the Topic called Wisdom with you to give you a glimpse of the book, Wisdom in a Nutshell :


Many people assume wisdom to be knowledge, but they are mistaken.

The Bhagavad-Gita (200BC), a Hindu Scripture of major importance to its followers, defines wisdom as humility; unostentatiousness; non-injury; forgiveness; simplicity; purity; steadfastness and self-control.

Other attributes ascribed to wisdom include God-realisation, self-realisation, knowing how little you do know, understanding, foresight, consciousness of Nature, acceptance, silence, listening, harmony, peace, questioning, observance, causal consciousness, loving kindness and non-force.

Knowledge is learnt from the past whereas wisdom anticipates the future, based on its understanding of the past, the present and the likely future.

There is a Japanese proverb that states: ‘Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books on the back of an ass.’

Wisdom sees the miraculous where others see common things. Wisdom sees the ‘burning bush’ everywhere, and while we walk ‘sightless among the miracles’, those who are wise see the miracles we overlook.

A wise person will patiently listen to another with full attention. His consciousness will merge with the being of the other and create a unifying field of understanding and awareness. This allows him to tap into the space in the Now that I call God’s Space, and in that Space obtain intuition and guidance from the Source of all knowledge and wisdom and so much more.

The wise person will then provide a solution and not merely an answer. A solution is more deep-seated than an answer. For example, giving a man a fish to eat today is the answer to the man’s current hunger but to teach him how to fish, and to enable him with the equipment to do so, is a solution whereby he provides fish for himself forever.

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